What is Wildflower Music Company?

Wildflower Music Company has a collection of songs created and owned by independent musicians, composers, and producers.

We are given permission by the copyright and sound recording owners to license their individual song(s) for use in in visual multimedia such as film, television, and advertising.
This is called a Synchronization License and Master Use License.
Together these two licenses are commonly referred to as a “Sync License”.

Wildflower Music will pitch songs for placement, negotiate the terms of use, and collect/administer licensing fees (paid by end user) and royalty distribution (from PROs) on behalf of the copyright owners that we represent.

We are always looking for new music to add to our library and welcome any genre.
Please send your songs to WildflowerSubmissionS@gmail.com.

Who can submit music to Wildflower Music Company?

In order to submit tracks to Wildflower Music, you must:

  • Submit an original piece of work, professionally recorded
  • Own control over the copyright
  • Own control over the master recording
  • Not have restrictions over entering a Sync Licensing agreement

(Example: if you are currently working with a publisher that owns exclusive control over your sync licensing rights, we cannot use those songs)

Does Wildflower charge a fee?

No, we make money when you make money.

How do I make money?

On your behalf, Wildflower will license tracks for placement in Film/TV/Advertising and other forms of visual multimedia works. When a license is granted for use, the Music User will pay a licensing fee. We will split that fee with you.

Do I give up any ownership of my songs?


Wildflower Music Company asks you to sign an Agreement stating that you own the music/recording and that you are allowing us to license your music on your behalf.
You are still free to perform, reproduce, distribute, and sell your music in any way that you please.

Why should I submit my song(s) to Wildflower?

As a musician myself, I know that many of us have songs recorded that are not heard. Wildflower offers the opportunity to get your songs – it could be just one or it could 100 – into a music library scanned by music users looking for original sounds for commercials, TV shows, videos, etc.

There is no fee to submit music, so there is nothing for you to lose. If your song or songs are selected and purchased by a person/company, you will receive a significant percentage of the purchasing fee each time it is purchased.

You still maintain full control over your music and are only signing an agreement to let Wildflower Music Company add your music to our library. It’s that simple.
Bottom line is: if you have original music that you would like an opportunity to profit from at no cost to you, Wildflower is for you.

How do I receive Performance Royalties?

We recommend that you affiliate yourself with a Performing Rights Organization (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) in order to receive Performance Royalties for when your music is licensed and played in a public setting.

When registered as a writer, you will be entitled to 100% writer’s share of any performance royalties earned by your placements.

Wildflower Music Company will register all songs accepted into our library with your affiliate. When we license (publish) one of your tracks, we will then act as your Publishing Administrator. This means that we will report, collect, and distribute your royalties to you on a quarterly basis.

Wildflower will then receive 100% publisher’s share of any performance royalties.

To learn more about Performance Royalties and PROs please go to the Performance Royalty section of our Blog (COMING SOON)

Do you have Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Agreements?

Yes, we offer something for everyone at no risk to partner with us. To learn more about these two types of agreements, please visit the ‘Our Agreements’ section on this website.

How long is the term of a Wildflower Agreement?

Initial term (exclusive or nonexclusive) is for 12 months. After that, either party can cancel.  This allows us the opportunity to work your tracks and strategically pitch to projects.  Wildflower does not throw darts and hope they stick. We plant seeds and promote their growth within our network of music users.


Can I send demo recordings?

It is very important to submit BROADCAST QUALITY recordings.  The music that is accepted will be represented almost exactly “as is” and needs to be comparable to the music you would hear in the broadcast media outlets such as TV or Film. It is in your best interest to research the music placed in various forms of media to determine quality standards and usage trends.  This research is pretty simple and enjoyable, though.  Can be conducted by simply watching more Television and Movies!

Will Wildflower Music Provide Feedback On My Submissions?

Please note that Wildflower Music Company will listen to all recordings and provide feedback when possible.

What splits do you offer for licensing fees?

Currently, copyright owners that license with us on an exclusive basis receive 60% of the licensing fee. Non-Exclusive artists receive 50% of the licensing fee. This is above the industry standard of 30% -50%.